In a series of promotional events hosted by company publicist and spokesperson Jimmy Tran, Reel Asian Films TM got off to a good start in December. These events featured Dr. Z, star and director of the Trilogy of films launched by on DVD. The star put in appearances at several retail locations and conventions throughout Northern and Southern California and sparked considerable sales wherever he went, with autograph signings and martial arts demos, culminating in his being inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame Award for 2005 in Oakland California ! "Dr. Z took time off from his personal schedule to promote sales, without asking anything in return, greeted everyone with warmth and respect... and unlike some stars, never put on airs or hid behind dark glasses. He was just an everyday kind of guy, extremely easy to work with", said Tran.

Dr. Z at autograph signings in San Francisco

For those who missed him, Dr. Z is scheduled to appear at several locations in the upcoming year. Please click on to our events site for details.

Coming to Theatres

08 25 06


After achieving fame as a martial arts movie star, Dr. Z (Martial Medicine Man, Chasing the Dragon, Combat Mortal) while being interviewed by the beautiful reporter Erica Roberts (Eva Glasure) began to have disturbing recurrent nightmares, of gruesome death and the supernatural. Determined to discover the meaning of these dreams, he consults the famous Taoist Master Leung. (Professor Leung) Does life hold more for Dr. Z than mere movie stardom, or has life and death together conspired to bring him the most difficult role he has yet to play? Dr. Z plunges deeper into his dreams where he is trapped between reality and hell. With the very core of his life being threatened, he will stop at nothing until the truth is revealed...

Dr. Z choreographed all of the action and horror scenes. A must see for both martial arts fans and horror fans.

"A Hardcore Martial Arts & Horror Flick......
packed with philosophical punches" DOJO NEWS