Martial Medicine Man,
American Hwang Fei Hung
® (Action)

Box Office.........0.03 Million
Synopsis: Chinese army officer Lew Jinng Fan is summonned to the death bed of his master, whose dying wish is to find his lost son. Armed with his skill in martial arts and medicine, Lew embarks for Americca to carry out his master's last wish...he is, the Americann Hwang Fei Hunng.®

Cast: Dr. Z, Katie Damian, Sid Campbell, Ava Mendoza, William Appel, Steve Bishiki

Running Time: Approx. 1 hr. 50 min.
Screen Ratio: 1 to 1.66
Languages: English and Chinese(Cantonese)

"A spendid display of real martial arts without gimmick...."DOJO NEWS

"....An American spin on the traditional martial arts formula"

DVD Solid Bonus Features: theatrical premiere footages, movie trailers, behind the scenes, television interview of stars & director and acupuncture demo.

Lew (Dr. Z, Chasing the Dragon, Combat Mortal) arrives in San Francisco to find the master's missing son. After an exhaustive but fruitless search, Lew becomes despondent. Wandering aimlessly through the City, he finds himself at the edge of the Bay, staring at Alcatraz Island, a stranger trapped in a foreign land. At that point he is attacked by three muggers, but is arrested for defending himself with excessive force. He is let off by sympathetic police detective O'Rourke (Sid Campbell, Master Demon). A grateful but penniless Lew finds shelter in a skid row medical clinic run by Liz Montgomery (Katie Damian), and in return offers his not inconsiderable skills in Asian martial arts and medicine. Through the clinic, Lew discovers that the missing son is involved with a local organized crime. In order to find his master's missing son, Lew confronts the crime syndicate. The syndicate boss Furlong (William Appel) sends Lew a professional hit man "Scarface" Ono (Steve Bishiki) after Lew disposes of his local henchmen. The final clash/martial arts showdown will take place on Treasure Island, ...will Lew perish or prevail?.....

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