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Box Office.........0.02 Million
Synopsis: A body guard assigned to protect a supermodel takes on the mob in order to preserve peace and justice.

Cast: Dr. Z, Nikita Agar, John Milios, Joe Ho, John Truong, Samuel Lima, Sid Campbell

Running Time: Approx. 1 hr. 38 min.
Screen Ratio: 1 to 1.66
Languages: English and Chinese(Cantonese)

"The Kung Fu doctor who takes it to the screen........"Asian Week

"A battle where raging fury knows no limits.....destined to become a true martial arts classic" DOJO NEWS

DVD Solid Bonus Features: movie trailers, TV interview of stars & director, women's self defense intructions and martial arts demo.

Dr. Z, starred, directed and choreographed all of the action sequences as well as playing multiple roles including the body guard, his adopted father and the comidic inspector Couseau, once played by Peter Sellers. Throughout the movie, Dr. Z mimics and rehearses scripts that resembles Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Kato and Peter Sellers. It is a movie of authentic martial arts action mixed with comedic spoofs.


NOTHING ON EARTH CAN SAVE THEM NOW! by Hanshi Campbell, Dojo News

SYNOPSIS: The strong winds of a vindicative war blow turbulently in this modern day action-adventure motion picture where blood brothers dead set on proving that the other is not worthy enough to live, or the planet is not big enough for both of them to exist.

It's a battle where raging fury knows no limits! It is final showdown that explodes on the big screen unlike anything seen in a long time.

In the third cinematic installment of this trilogy action martial arts series Dr. Z reprises his starring role as character Billy Lee (American Hwang Fei Hung, Chasing the Dragon, The Deadly Cure) an expert martial artist with the aspiration of becoming a film star in Hollywood - like Bruce Lee - he too discovers that it's still just as tough to make it in an industry where outsiders stand little chance of succeeding.

In the meantime, to earn an income, Lee moonlights as a bounty hunter and fraternizes with his old friend and confidant Captain Reginald O'Rourke (Sid Campbell, reprising his role in American Hwang Fei Hung, the master demon, weapons of death) of the Los Angeles Police Academy who steers him toward special assignments that need special attention.

Along this dangerous and oftentimes perilous journey, Billy Lee becomes the personal bodyguard of a beautiful supermodel named Nicole King (Nikita Agar, Star Trek Enterprise)and during one of his numerous adventuresome "bust the bad guys" exploits captures the notorious criminal Hwang (John Troung, Blood Lust Serial Killer, Jimmy Zip), who is a drug trafficker for the powerful drug lord Wu Feng (Joe Ho, the Green Dragon)

As the viewers soon finds out, Wu Feng controls most of Los Angeles drug trade as well as numerous corrupted police officials on his illicit payroll.

As the plot thickens, what unfolds is a deep intriguing and unexpectedly sub-plot that reveals a sinister extortion recketeering scheme - of which Lee discovers quite by accident, that he and crime lord Wu Feng were both adopted and reared by Master Qi (also played by Dr. Z) are blood brothers of an ancient traditional Chinese tribal family clan.

Master Qi taught both Lee and Wu Feng the value of ethics and righteousness as well as the dealy forms of martial arts. As they matured they swore to uphold justice and use "the code of the warriors" to avenge those who have been wronged because of life's injustice. Lee goes forward while Wu Feng reneges on his solemn vow that utimately drives his ruthless rise to the top of a gangland drug empire in Los Angeles.

In aother ironic twist of fate, we discovere that Wu Feng, through vast connections of his criminal empire has designs on controlling the destiny and career of international supermodel Nicole King. Which, of course, she direly opposes but can do very little to combat the menacing mob that jeopardizes her illustrious career. Until she hires the service of freelance martial arts expert Billy Lee.

When Lee revisits his adopting father in search for answers he finds answers to questions which assertively reveals that good and evil are two parts of the same sphere. He also learns that the Yin-Yang hormony extend to all thing and to all situations. Even in combat against loved ones that have taken a decisive different road through this maze we called life.

To take up the gauntlet against his own kin, Billy Lee is not only vindicating his client Nicole King but in ridding Los Angeles of a terrible scourge plaguing Los Angeles. Only the immortals gods of war and peace know the outcome of this heroic battle that knows no limitations; especially when limitations are the only alternative!

This sibling rivalry and anticipated Lee and Wu Feng are destined to create controversy of magnanimous proportions when this battle unfolds in the final paradigm of this dramatic film. Possibly the hand to hand combat between these mortals have been unseen since Bruce Lee unleashed his fist and feet on the big screen over thirty years ago.

To the martial artist aficionado it is worth noting that every combat scene provides a splendid display of real martial arts without gimmicks, wires or special effects to mislead the viewing audience. Ones that usually propel mediocre martial arts film plebes into super heros! That would only cheapen the quality of an incredible techniques that are demonstrated in this full-lenght feature film that is destined to become a true martial arts classic.

Combat Mortal as suspenseful as it is action packed surretitiously pitting Wu Feng's evilly deceptive turpitude against Lee's convictions to uphold of honor, loyalty and integrity in a world where the lines usually blur very easily.