Through his work, Dr. Z extends a new branch in the family tree of innovative Chinese American thinkers and doers, attributing much of his relentless drive and passion to the late Bruce Lee. As a grand student (one generation removed) of Bruce Lee and former classmate of Lee’s late son, Brandon, Dr. Z carries the torch of independent Hong Kong style film and martial arts. Much like his predecessor, Dr. Zwears many hats in his films, as producer, director, writer and star, shattering the limits of possibility.

Set for DVD release in December 2005, Dr. Z's upcoming feature film, Martial Medicine Man, American Hwang Fei Hung®, brings balance to martial arts by blending the action-packed punch of Chinese Kung Fu with the healing art of acupuncture and herbal medicine. “Aside from great entertainment, one of the goals in this film is to bridge the gap between the ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ martial arts. Both the parts of the whole, but many people only understand one and not the other”, Dr. Z says. “Even worse, a lot of people resist what they don’t understand”.

During production of Martial Medicine Man, Dr. Z has faced resistance from major film studios and disbelieving colleagues. Fighting through legal and personal battles, Dr. Z has emerged with this definitive work, a film embodying his holistic approach to filmmaking as entertainment, education and historical monument. An independent project free of big studio funding and control, Martial Medicine Man breaks the boundaries set by Hollywood’s usually bland fare.

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