by Boyne Chin
On a personal mission to ignite a cultural renaissance, local San Francisco hero Dr. Z has faced off with Hollywood producers, the established medical profession and a stagnant martial arts community. In his quest ot redefine film, medicine and martial arts, Lo brings an enigmatic blend of innovation and tradition to the Asian American scene. Now, the accomplished doctor, martial artist and film producer/director/actor is taking on a larger foe.

For decades, Asian Americans have struggled with the “model minority” myth, in which they are viewed as the humble poster children of American culture. Although the images of hard-working, educated and loyal citizens at first seems positive, this misconception also pigeon-holes Asian Americans into a short list of acceptable roles in society. Those who venture beyond these limits face a cultural crisis as their dreams are discouraged and passions are contained. Fortunately Dr. Z is about to shatter this glass wall into a thousand pieces.

A Hong Kong native, doctor in Chinese medicine, martial arts expert, film “jack-of-all-trades” and always a moving target, Dr. Z took a moment from his hectic schedule to deconstruct this crisis of culutre and layout his strategy over a steaming bowl of his favorite noodles. Dr. Z observes that cultural stereotyping through the model minority may have worn the cutting edge of some Chinese Americans. “Lately, I”ve seen too many people pass their dreams by, thinking of reasons they cannot succeed and should not try. The only wayt to live is to grab opportunity by the horns. When we talk about people’s dreams, I say “‘Go for it’”.

Dr. Z infuses this mentality into his work, hosting a local televsion docu-drama, “Hit Medicine”, and a radio talk show, both of which focus on naural healing and physical, mental and spiritual health. A practising doctor and medical instructor, Dr. Z's gusto for seizing his dreams is his greatest medicine. His drive is the attraction for many in his audience, who draw energy and inspiration from his philosophical punches.

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