Women's No Non-Sense Self Defense Video Series

Vol. 1 Beginners and Intermediate level

Beginners level.......30 min.

Intermediate level......20 min.

Bonus material......8 min.

Aspect ratio 4:3 Languages: English only Total Running Time: 58 min.


Vol. 2 Senior Intermediate Level

Senior Intermediate.....32 min.

Training footages/Bonus material......30 min.

Aspect ratio 4:3 Language: Ennglish only Total Running Time:62 min.


Real life doctor and martial arts expert, Dr. Z demonstrates this step by step women's no non-sennse self defense video series. Designed for the non martial arts practitioners who wish to learn the physical and mental defenses required during a confrontation. The techniques demonstrated in the video are easily mastered, along with the practices of common sense and mental alertness.

Dr. Z has been practicing the martial and healing arts for over 20 years. He has appeared on numerous television shows and motion picture films. Dr. Z has also treated anbd trained several Hollywood stars and celebrities.