Martial Medicine Man

Now available on DVD in multi languages (English and Cantonese)


Film Synopsis:

Chinese Army officer Lew Jing Fan is summoned to the death bed of his master, whose dying wish is to find his lost son. Armed with only his skill in Chinese martial arts and medicine, Lew embarks for America to carry out his master’s last wish...He is the American Hwang Fei Hung®.

Over 150 years ago, the legendary Hwang Fei Hung, a martial arts hero and renowned physician, lived among the chaos and foreign domination that marked China’s Manchurian Ching dynasty. Which righteousness, loyalty, benevolence, moral justice and his God given medical and martial arts skills, Hwan Fei Hung healed the ailing people of the countryside and humbled the mercenaries and corrupted military officials who challenged him. By his patients, he was hailed the “Saint of Medicine”, by his downfallen enemies, he would often be called “teacher”. Recently, this legendary hero of China, one of the Ten Tigers of Canton has been portrayed in film by Jackie Chan and Jet Li. Now, a similar hero is born in America by Dr. Z.

Filmmaker Information:

In the dawn of the New Millennium, a fresh screenplay is written by Dr. Z (star of the Deadly Cure, Combat Mortal and the hip TV series, Hit Medicine), who also stars, produces and directs the movie Martial Medicine Man, American Hwang Fei Hung®.

Dr. Z, a real life doctor and authentic instructor of the art of Jeet Kune Do, mirrors the legend of Hwang Fei Hung in modern day America. Promoting Chinese arts and culture, medicine and martial arts, Dr. Z brings health and strength to people in their time of need, a need for a hero...American Hwang Fei Hung® is accompanied by an array of ancillary merchandise which includes t-shirts, instructional videos, music CDs, Dit Da Jow and herbal supplements.

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Movie Facts:

  • Dr. Z performs real acupuncture during the filming of American Hwang Fei Hung®.
  • Dr. Z stars, written, produces and directs the movie Martial Medicine Man, American Hwang Fei Hung
  • An independently produced action drama set in San Francisco, by the people of San Francisco, for the people of San Francisco.

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