In 1994 Dr. Z was already a hip "Hollywood Doctor", but wished to fulfill his martial arts Grandmaster's (the late Bruce Lee) cinematic role. He attends numerous auditions, but even with his clients' "Hollywood Star" connections, the best he is offered is to "Play Dead" in major studio movies. In order to not disgrace his Grandmaster, he shuns stereotyped roles, and decides to write his own script and produce a movie accurately portraying Asians in America. Meanwhile he finds a love interest Michelle (Lacee Kine) who's more interested in Dr. Z as the doctor, rather than the actor. With the aid of his attorney (Mark Silverman), he lands an important appointment with a Hollywood Studio head. Ten seconds into the meeting, he is floored by the cold rebuff "...You will never be a Hollywood star..." Infuriated and insulted, Dr. Z sets out to finance his movie himself. In a span of 7 years, call it bad luck or destiny, he exhausts all of his energy and resources, sells his house, is separated from his love....yet, the movie is still far from completion. Will Dr. Z ever fulfill his dream and honor his Grandmaster?... Or has he flushed his life away...... Based on the true story of Dr. Z.


Chasing the Dragon I (Drama, Action )

Box Office.........0.02 Million
Synopsis: An Individual's relentless struggles to make a movie in Hollywood. Based on a true story..

Cast: Dr. Z, Lacee Kine', Arleen Ma, Stuart Wong, Eric Reed, Mark Silverman

Running Time: Approx. 1 hr. 45 min.
Screen Ratio: 1 to 1.66
Languages: English and Chinese(Cantonese)

"Your movie was a visionary achievement with no equal on the screens of San Francisco cinema. I found your movie to be an amazing journey with invaluable insights into the heart of being an Asian American. Finally.....for younger generations growing up in America to see" AchillesTW

"Dr. Zee is addicted to Bruce Lee........which I can't seem to stop watchinng" The New York Times Magazine

DVD Solid Bonus Features: movie trailers, TV interview of stars & director, book review and women's self defense instructions.

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